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If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident, it would be advantageous to contact a Midvale, UT truck accident lawyer clients trust at Strong Law Accident & Injury Attorneys.

Truck accidents can be devastating for all parties involved. Due to the size and the weight of a vehicle like a truck, the impact can cause catastrophic injuries. Those who suffer truck accidents typically fare worse than those who experience accidents involving cars.

Why do truck accidents occur?

Truck accidents may occur for a number of different reasons. Faulty mechanics, bad weather conditions, and animals on the road are just a few reasons why a collision may take place. One main factor that is a contributor to accidents is distraction. Distraction can play a significant role in car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents. All it takes is one second of distraction for a driver to take their eyes off the road to become unaware of what is happening around them.

What is the biggest reason for distraction in drivers today?

Cell phone use is considered the main source of distraction for drivers of all vehicles. In this day in age, drivers can text, call, video chat, answer emails, scroll social media, and check in from work all from their smartphone devices. With so much technology at one’s fingertips, it is no wonder why drivers are more distracted now than ever. Cell phone use while driving is so dangerous that many states have outlawed drivers from any and all cell phone use while driving. In certain states, drivers can be penalized for cell phone use.

While cell phone use is a main factor in a driver’s potential distraction from the road, it is not the only distraction drivers must be aware of. Eating, listening to music, applying makeup, getting directions, and interacting with the passengers in the vehicle can be equally as distracting as cell phone use, and result in the same disastrous outcome as well.

When an individual is part of a truck accident, they should understand what their legal rights are pertaining to their injuries and potential legal cases. Most people are unaware that they may be eligible to receive compensation, or pursue legal action against the party or parties responsible for the accident. Thankfully, victims of truck accidents do not have to navigate this process alone but can contact a Midvale truck accident lawyer who can assist them with their legal needs and representation. Skilled truck lawyers desire their clients to pursue justice, accountability, and compensation for their injuries. Seeking justice for a truck accident experience does not have to be confusing or daunting for clients. An experienced attorney can empower and support their clients to fight for what they rightfully deserve. If you are in need of legal assistance regarding a truck accident, contact your local Midvale truck accident lawyer at Strong Law Accident & Injury Attorneys today for a risk-free consultation and start your journey toward the accountability you deserve.

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Truck Accident Legal Help

If you have endured injuries in a truck crash, you may want to consult a Midvale, UT truck accident lawyer. Truck accident lawyers from Strong Law Accident & Injury Attorneys specialize in personal injury cases related to accidents involving commercial trucks. These legal professionals provide invaluable guidance and support to individuals who have suffered physical, emotional, or financial damages as a result of a truck accident.

Truck accidents can have severe consequences due to the sheer size and weight of commercial vehicles. The aftermath of such incidents often involves complex legal proceedings and negotiations with insurance companies, making it crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney by your side. A truck accident lawyer has in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the trucking industry, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of the legal system on behalf of their clients

Accident Investigation

One of the main roles of a truck accident lawyer is to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. They gather evidence, such as accident reports, witness statements, and surveillance footage, to establish liability and build a strong case. By analyzing the facts and details of the accident, they can determine the negligent party or parties involved, whether it’s the truck driver, the trucking company, or another entity responsible for the accident.

A truck accident lawyer also understands the various federal and state regulations that govern the trucking industry. These regulations often have strict guidelines on truck drivers and trucking companies, covering areas such as vehicle maintenance, driver qualifications, and hours of service. By evaluating compliance with these regulations, a skilled attorney can identify any violations that may have contributed to the accident, strengthening the case against the responsible party.

Legal Hurdles

Following a truck accident, victims may face numerous challenges, including medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and emotional trauma. A Midvale truck accident lawyer helps their clients seek compensation for these damages by filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit. They skillfully negotiate with insurance companies to ensure their clients receive fair and adequate compensation for their injuries and damages. If a settlement cannot be reached, the lawyer will prepare the case for trial, representing their client’s interests in court.

Post-Accident Support & Guidance

Truck accident lawyers also offer support and guidance throughout the entire legal process. They help their clients understand their rights and legal options, providing clear and concise explanations to ensure informed decision-making. These attorneys are well-versed in the complexities of personal injury law and have the experience to handle the paperwork, deadlines, and legal requirements associated with a truck accident case. By shouldering the legal burden, they allow their clients to focus on their recovery and well-being.


The expertise of a Midvale truck accident lawyer from Strong Law Accident & Injury Attorneys is essential for anyone involved in a collision with a commercial truck. These legal professionals possess a deep understanding of the laws and regulations governing the trucking industry, allowing them to build strong cases on behalf of their clients. By investigating the accident, identifying liable parties, and navigating the legal system, truck accident lawyers give much needed support to victims seeking compensation for their injuries and damages.

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What Is the Value of My Case?

The value of an injury case depends upon many factors related to the extent of your injuries and any other losses associated with your claim. You may have medical bills, lost income, costs associated with pain and suffering, among other possible damages. To learn the possible value of your case, contact the team at Strong Law. In a free case evaluation, we’ll let you know how much your case may be worth.

What Are Your Hours?

Strong Law is open five days a week between 9am and 5pm. In addition, we offer after hours return calls, weekend calls, and online chat.

What Kinds Of Cases Are Personal Injury?

Call us to know for sure, but a good rule of thumb is when an “accident” that happened to you because of the acts of or misdeeds of another party. Examples are: Auto accidents; motorcycle accidents; semi-truck accidents; wrongful death; medical malpractice; slip, trip and fall; boating accidents, faulty equipment, nursing home abuse; and many others.

Will I Be Charged To Consult Or Talk With You?

No, not ever. Strong Law is a contingency personal injury firm offering specialized experience along with access when you need it. Our goal is to gain the best settlement and provide comfort in the process, so easy access to us is part of our best practices.

What Does Contingency Mean?

Contingency in a legal matter means an expense to the client based on the outcome of a future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty. Said another way, Strong Law gets paid only if your case settles.

Can You Give Me An Assessment Of My Case?

Absolutely. While we cannot guarantee anything, nor do we imply a settlement, our willingness to take your case (and do it on contingency) is our voice that we feel your case has strong merit. After speaking with you, we can provide a merit assessment over the phone. However, we caution that accepting your case does not promise anything, your outcome is reflected in the law firm you choose.

What Should I Do If I’m Having Problems, Like Their Insurance Company Is Calling Me?

Always secure an attorney first. If you sign up with Strong Law now, you can advise their insurance company that you have representation and give them our name and contact information. From that time forward, they should not be contacting you again; it’s the law. If you do not sign with an attorney, like Strong Law, you will need to speak with them and represent yourself to resolve your injury. We strongly urge against this; insurance companies are skilled at ensuring their best interests over yours.

What Are Common Reasons For Insurance Injury Denials?

Make sure you receive medical treatment as soon as possible after an accident, otherwise insurance may argue your pain is from an unrelated incident.Insurance companies will be going out of their way to find some proof that the accident was your fault. Don’t be intimidated.If you have preexisting medical conditions that make you more likely to suffer an injury, it is not uncommon for insurance agencies to deny claims based on this.

How Long Does A Case Take To Settle?

It depends on many factors like medical care, future needs, evidence, proof of liability, and many others. Some cases take months while others can last a couple years. Ultimately, our goal is to represent you and what is going to be best for you in the long run.

Why Can Cases Last Years?

Because the law dictates it. There are many layers to make sure the insurance companies treat you with optimal care. For example, there will be time spent for medical treatments you might need. There is time to gather the needed medical reports and discover any long term impacts this injury will have on your life today and into the future. There is time for the other side to review our demands, research, and respond as well. It can feel like a long time, but we follow the law and strategize for the best benefit to you. We are with you the whole time.

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