Common Questions an Insurance Adjuster May Ask You to Trip You Up

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After a car accident, an insurance adjuster is likely to inquire about various aspects. To effectively navigate this process, a car accident attorney can provide invaluable assistance.

A car accident can lead to various unforeseen issues like personal injuries and property damage. In certain cases, accident victims seek compensation from their own auto insurance company or the entity providing coverage for other liable motorists. Before settling any claims, insurance companies typically assign an insurance adjuster to determine the appropriate amount of compensation for policyholders or, in the case of the responsible party, the amount they should pay the victim. This process ensures fair and accurate resolution for all parties involved.

Seeking the expertise of a seasoned car accident attorney is strongly recommended when confronted with such an unfortunate event. Their invaluable assistance extends beyond securing appropriate medical attention; they also adeptly handle challenging insurance adjusters who may seek to diminish or reject your claim. With their guidance, you can navigate this complex process with confidence.

The Role Of An Insurance Adjuster

Also known as a claims adjuster, this professional is employed by insurance companies to investigate accident claims and determine the appropriate reimbursement for their customers or the affected motorists. They play a crucial role in assessing damages caused by policyholders and ensuring fair compensation.

Important Considerations

It is crucial to emphasize that the adjuster works for the insurance company and, in nearly all cases, their objective is to expedite claim resolution while minimizing compensation.

Questions An Insurance Adjuster Might Ask

In the days following an accident, an adjuster typically visits the victim to conduct an investigation. These professionals may ask various questions, including but not limited to:

  • What was the make, model, and year of the vehicle involved?
  • What is the usual purpose of using that vehicle?
  • Were there other vehicles involved in the accident?
  • What injuries did the claimant sustain?
  • What is the claimant's income?
  • What medical care did the claimant receive and how soon after the accident?
  • What were the circumstances surrounding the accident?
  • Was the policyholder engaged in any improper behavior like driving under the influence or using their cell phone?

It's important to note that the adjuster may request to record the testimony of the policyholder or claimant on video in many cases.

How Can A Car Accident Attorney Help?

Legal professionals advise claimants to exercise caution when dealing with claims adjusters, emphasizing the importance of remaining vigilant. Car accident attorneys possess extensive experience in handling insurance adjusters and are well-versed in their tactics of flustering and diversion. These tactics can potentially lead to inaccuracies or disputes in testimonials, ultimately diminishing the compensation awarded to the claimant.

To ensure the best outcome, legal professionals can guide their clients on how to maintain a polite and professional demeanor while avoiding divulging excessive information that could jeopardize their claim. Attorneys can also directly handle interactions with insurance adjusters on behalf of their clients, allowing the clients to focus on recovering from their accidents while the attorney works to maximize their claims. It is crucial for claimants to refrain from engaging with insurance adjusters without the representation of an experienced car accident attorney, as doing so may harm their case.

When you retain the services of a car accident attorney be prepared for the following three steps to help maximize your claim and identify any expenses:

  • Carefully Recounting The Incident – When the claimant is able, said individual should carefully recount each and every event leading up to and during the accident and, most importantly, document said testimony.
  • Obtain A Thorough Medical Evaluation – Claimants should receive a thorough medical evaluation as soon as possible. Any injuries related to the incident should be noted in documented records.
  • Property Damage Assessment – The claimant is encouraged to have their vehicles assessed by trained mechanical professionals in the immediate wake of the incident to determine the full extent of the damage.

Contact an Experienced Injury Attorney

If you or someone you know has been involved in an automobile accident and is facing challenges dealing with insurance companies, it is highly recommended to reach out to Strong Law for guidance and support. With their team of experienced car accident attorneys, they can provide the necessary expertise to navigate through this complex process. By leveraging their knowledge and skills, they can ensure that the entire procedure runs smoothly and efficiently, ultimately helping their clients secure the rightful compensation they deserve for the damages incurred. Don't hesitate to consult Strong Law today for professional assistance in handling your automobile accident case.