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When you stop by a Salt Lake City business, you expect that you and your loved ones will be safe. Unfortunately, hard-to-spot hazards abound, and many can lead to devastating injuries or even death. These issues might not seem important at first glance, but even negligence that appears minor can have an enormous impact on unsuspecting customers.

Slip-and-fall accidents are some of the most noteworthy -- and are all too often, disregarded -- catastrophes to take place at Salt Lake premises. These do not always attract a lot of attention, as their causes (puddles of liquid or debris strewn on the floor, for example) often seem so innocuous. What's left unseen, however, are the years of suffering endured by victims, many of whom fail to secure compensation for their hospital bills or lost wages.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), over 6.8 million people were treated in emergency rooms in 2019 for injuries prompted by slips, trips, or falls. Still, other slip-and-fall injuries were never properly treated, so the 6.8 million figure fails to truly convey the scope of this problem.

Unsafe business premises are a huge source of concern at Strong Law in Salt Lake City. We understand just how devastating negligence can be when customers are at risk. To that end, we provide exceptional slip-and-fall representation.

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What Types of Damages Are Available to Slip and Fall Victims?

As the victim of a slip-and-fall accident, your struggles likely go beyond physical suffering alone. From medical bills to lost wages, your financial concerns could rapidly escalate. Other issues, such as emotional distress, are a lot more difficult to quantify but are no less deserving of attention.

These and other negligence-prompted issues can be addressed with personal injury damages. The goal is to compensate you for all this needless suffering.

Nothing can truly remove the physical pain and emotional trauma from your accident, but proper compensation can limit the negative impact on your life moving forward.

Slip-and-fall damages can take many forms, such as:

  • Medical expenses. Encompassing both past health care bills and future sources of financial burden, this is one of the most common forms of compensation obtained via slip-and-fall lawsuits.
  • Lost wages. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may no longer be able to earn a sufficient income. If your injuries keep you from working on a full-time basis (either temporarily or permanently,) personal injury damages can compensate you for the wages you are unable to earn.
  • Pain and suffering. Slip-and-fall victims often suffer significant anxiety (and many other mental health concerns) as they recover. This can limit the quality of life even if physical injuries do not appear significant to outsiders. Non-economic damages known as “pain and suffering” account for this difficult-to-quantify concern.
  • Punitive damages. Although rare for slip-and-fall cases, it is sometimes possible to secure punitive damages. These differ considerably from the compensatory damages highlighted above. The punitive designation conveys the need to punish reckless or malicious parties for extreme behavior.

Why Do You Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Salt Lake City residents tend to downplay negative events, even when these cause a great deal of pain and suffering. This sunny outlook has its upsides, of course, but it also prevents many people from seeking justice when they have been wronged.

Do not let your automatic desire to make light of a difficult situation stand in the way of your future. That fall might not seem important now, but even injuries that currently feel minor could have a significant impact on your life going forward. As such, it is always wise to seek guidance from a personal injury attorney when you suspect that negligence might be at play.

When in doubt, look for a Salt Lake City lawyer with a solid background in slip-and-fall. This practice area differs considerably from other personal injury niches, so targeted experience is always desirable. Your lawyer should advocate assertively on your behalf, drawing on a personalized strategy to help you get the damages to which you are entitled.

Just as importantly, your Salt Lake City slip-and-fall lawyer should strive to keep your stress to a minimum. Between the emotional fallout of your accident and the financial worries accompanying your medical bills, you do not need another source of worry.

Look for an empathetic and proactive attorney who can shoulder the burden so you can put all your effort into recovering.

Why Work with Strong Law?

Choosing whether to seek legal representation for your slip-and-fall case should be an easy decision. Now, however, you need to find a Salt Lake City slip-and-fall attorney you can trust.

Below, we have highlighted a few of the most compelling reasons to work with Strong Law in Salt Lake City:

Positive Client Feedback

We are proud to consistently receive glowing feedback from our satisfied clients. A brief look at our testimonials page will show that we treat our clients well. Adjectives such as “outstanding” and “compassionate” convey our excellent relationships with our clients, many of whom have come to regard us as friends.

In numerous testimonials, clients report that they are pleased not only with the outcomes of their cases but also with the legal process in general. This is a point of pride for us, as we understand just how stressful slip and fall cases can be.

A Stellar Track Record

Client testimonials only tell part of the story. As a results-driven law firm, we’re here to help you secure the maximum damages possible while enduring the least stress. This can be a difficult balance to strike, but we are more than capable, as evidenced by our long history of success.

Our achievements span multiple practice areas but are especially noteworthy within niches such as premises liability. Whenever negligence is on display, we are committed to combating it as we help our clients deliver justice.

For example: in one of our most noteworthy premises liability cases, we were able to secure $500,000 in damages. This case involved a balcony’s improperly maintained railing — a terrible form of negligence that contributed to the client’s severe back injury.

Assertive Courtroom Representation

Although many slip-and-fall cases are resolved long before courtroom ordeals become necessary, a trial is always a possibility. An ideal law firm will acknowledge this and prepare accordingly.

Our trial-ready lawyers at Strong Law will represent you aggressively in court if needed. We have achieved many favorable verdicts in the past and are prepared to add yet another success story to our extensive list of legal victories.

Local Emphasis

Strong Law may be a nationwide firm that serves clients in many regions, but our Salt Lake City office provides a local perspective. This is crucial, as slip-and-fall cases can vary significantly between states and even at the regional level.

Our Salt Lake City slip and fall attorneys are mindful of local statutes of limitation, as well as complications related to Utah’s status as a modified comparative negligence state. Beyond this, we have cultivated strong professional connections in the Salt Lake City area, which often prove valuable as we handle complex slip-and-fall cases.

Contingency Approach

Our excellent case history and positive client testimonials should provide plenty of motivation to work with our respected legal team. If you need another boost of confidence, however, our commitment to providing contingency services should help.

Our team at Strong Law will only be paid if your case settles or reaches a desirable courtroom verdict. Either way, we will handle the upfront expenses to remove at least one source of stress from your life.

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Lindsey - Washington

“Very professional, and treated me as an equal.”

Just wanted to say thank you to Jed and his team at Strong Law. Not only was I happy with the outcome, but the entire process as a whole. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone. Thanks again.

Nick S

“Unbelievable work!”

I had a claim involving my own insurance company. I tried to negotiate with them, and they completely denied my claim – two times. I then hired Strong Law, and the change was instant. The insurance company immediately began negotiating, and Jed was able to secure an unbelievably good settlement. I will never again attempt to take-on an insurance company without Strong Law in my corner. Thank you!”

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“I got justice and awesome compensation.”

“I hired Strong Law after my car accident. Jed and his team worked hard on my case. They were professional and compassionate through my surgery and as I recovered, and they were awesome on communication. I got justice and awesome compensation. I would recommend Strong Law to anyone in my situation.”

Rick R.

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Strong Law: Your Trusted Salt Lake City Advocates

Were you involved in a slip-and-fall accident in Salt Lake City? Do you suspect that negligence may have played a role in this incident? If so, you may be able to secure damages.

Our Salt Lake City attorneys at Strong Law are happy to help. We have a wonderful reputation throughout the state of Utah — and we are determined to continue serving our clients' best interests. Call (206) 737-3496 or contact us today to set up your free consultation.

How Our Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers Can Help

Once you are ready to seek damages for your slip-and-fall injury, you will begin the process with a confidential consultation. Our team at Strong Law will meet with you to discuss your concerns and hopes for your personal injury case. This is when you can share your perspective and receive an empathetic ear.

Just as importantly, you will receive in-depth insight into potential avenues for securing both justice and compensation. We will be open and honest, ensuring that you get the complete picture. We will not shy away from clueing you in on potential challenges with your case but remember: if we let you know that we are willing to take on your case, it has strong merit.

We believe that an open attorney-client relationship is key to legal success. We cultivate this by showing our clients the care and respect they deserve. This begins with the initial consultation but continues through all interactions during the personal injury process.

Timing is also an important consideration during the earliest stages of your case. Utah has a general statute of limitations of four years for slip-and-fall accidents that result in personal injuries. The clock begins as soon as your slip-and-fall accident occurs, and extensions are rare.

While the four-year statute of limitations may seem generous as compared to shorter timelines in many states, it is still important to move quickly and contact an attorney soon after your accident. Also, keep in mind: if you hope to secure compensation for damaged private property, you will need to be mindful of the shorter statute of limitations — just three years.

Gathering Insight

Next, your slip-and-fall case will enter the discovery phase. At this point, we will gather a wealth of evidence to prove:

  • That the other party demonstrated negligence. Examples could include unmapped puddles or icy sidewalks on business premises.
  • That this negligence led to your slip and fall accident and any subsequent injuries.
  • That these injuries have prompted financial or emotional distress sufficient to warrant damages.

Further evidence may be required if the other side argues that your behavior contributed to the accident. Utah is a comparative negligence state. While it is possible to secure damages even if you are deemed partially to blame, these could be considerably reduced. As such, your lawyer will make every effort to establish that only the responsible party is to blame for your suffering.

Your Salt Lake slip-and-fall attorney will also need to pinpoint where, exactly, the accident occurred and if it exclusively involved private premises. These cases can quickly get a lot murkier when a municipal property is involved.

Regardless of where you were injured, you can take comfort in knowing that many types of evidence will support your case. Video footage is a common option for slip-and-fall accidents that occur on business premises. Otherwise, police reports, incident reports, or medical documentation can all prove valuable.

Witness testimony can also prove helpful, particularly if other forms of documentation are limited. Other customers may have witnessed the accident and can help you refute potential claims that you were somehow at fault. Expert witnesses are not typically required but could be called upon if concerns about municipal codes arise.

Settlement Negotiations

While it is impossible to predict exactly how long your case will take to settle, we will be here to guide you throughout the entire process. We will help you determine what is best for your situation — and we will tailor our approach accordingly.

Court Procedures

It is common for Salt Lake slip-and-fall cases to end with significant settlements. It is rarely in the best interests of local businesses to take these cases to court, as this process can be both lengthy and expensive. Still, it is important to be fully prepared for the rare cases that do go to court. To that end, we will help you prepare for every possible scenario.

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If negotiations fail, proceed to court where legal arguments and evidence are presented before a judge or jury for a final decision.

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Prior to representing accident victims, Jed worked for GEICO insurance company as one of its in-house attorneys – representing the insurance companies. After learning the inner workings of insurance companies, he quit and began representing accident victims.

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We want to help you get the legal advice you need with no upfront fees. There is no obligation to use our law firm and we only get paid if you win your case.

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Our team of legal experts pride themselves on going above and beyond for our clients. We provide you answers and solutions to the legal issues you may experience from your accident.

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Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Get in touch with our team at

What Is the Value of My Case?

The value of an injury case depends upon many factors related to the extent of your injuries and any other losses associated with your claim. You may have medical bills, lost income, costs associated with pain and suffering, among other possible damages. To learn the possible value of your case, contact the team at Strong Law. In a free case evaluation, we’ll let you know how much your case may be worth.

What Are Your Hours?

Strong Law is open five days a week between 9am and 5pm. In addition, we offer after hours return calls, weekend calls, and online chat.

What Kinds Of Cases Are Personal Injury?

Call us to know for sure, but a good rule of thumb is when an “accident” that happened to you because of the acts of or misdeeds of another party. Examples are: Auto accidents; motorcycle accidents; semi-truck accidents; wrongful death; medical malpractice; slip, trip and fall; boating accidents, faulty equipment, nursing home abuse; and many others.

Will I Be Charged To Consult Or Talk With You?

No, not ever. Strong Law is a contingency personal injury firm offering specialized experience along with access when you need it. Our goal is to gain the best settlement and provide comfort in the process, so easy access to us is part of our best practices.

What Does Contingency Mean?

Contingency in a legal matter means an expense to the client based on the outcome of a future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty. Said another way, Strong Law gets paid only if your case settles.

Can You Give Me An Assessment Of My Case?

Absolutely. While we cannot guarantee anything, nor do we imply a settlement, our willingness to take your case (and do it on contingency) is our voice that we feel your case has strong merit. After speaking with you, we can provide a merit assessment over the phone. However, we caution that accepting your case does not promise anything, your outcome is reflected in the law firm you choose.

What Should I Do If I’m Having Problems, Like Their Insurance Company Is Calling Me?

Always secure an attorney first. If you sign up with Strong Law now, you can advise their insurance company that you have representation and give them our name and contact information. From that time forward, they should not be contacting you again; it’s the law. If you do not sign with an attorney, like Strong Law, you will need to speak with them and represent yourself to resolve your injury. We strongly urge against this; insurance companies are skilled at ensuring their best interests over yours.

What Are Common Reasons For Insurance Injury Denials?

Make sure you receive medical treatment as soon as possible after an accident, otherwise insurance may argue your pain is from an unrelated incident.Insurance companies will be going out of their way to find some proof that the accident was your fault. Don’t be intimidated.If you have preexisting medical conditions that make you more likely to suffer an injury, it is not uncommon for insurance agencies to deny claims based on this.

How Long Does A Case Take To Settle?

It depends on many factors like medical care, future needs, evidence, proof of liability, and many others. Some cases take months while others can last a couple years. Ultimately, our goal is to represent you and what is going to be best for you in the long run.

Why Can Cases Last Years?

Because the law dictates it. There are many layers to make sure the insurance companies treat you with optimal care. For example, there will be time spent for medical treatments you might need. There is time to gather the needed medical reports and discover any long term impacts this injury will have on your life today and into the future. There is time for the other side to review our demands, research, and respond as well. It can feel like a long time, but we follow the law and strategize for the best benefit to you. We are with you the whole time.

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